About Me


The body has wisdom. This wisdom can inform and help us in our lives. Being present to your body can help us quiet our noisy minds and reduce the chatter in our head. Simply, listening to your body can reduce stress and provide insight and clarity.

We often forget how to listen to our body. Pleasure coaching helps you connect with and listen to your body.

Hi, I’m Ed, welcome to Sacred Touch for Men. I’m very passionate about helping men connect with their body. There’s a lot of information here. This work is very intimate and my intention is to help you get to know me and what I bring to a session.

I strongly believe and have experienced amazing change through accessing the energetic body. At the same time, I bring a grounded, appreciation of the tangible to the work. This combination of the left brain and the right brain helps me to communicate embodiment in a language that most men find easy to understand and appreciate.

I often get asked why I do this work and why being connected to my body is so important to me. Here’s a bit of my story around my relationship with my body and how I got into this work.

The Early Years

I was born 55 years ago and raised by two loving parents. I had an idyllic childhood – a loving family and lots of friends.

When I was around 11 to 12 years old things started to change for me. My father pushed me into sports – I really wasn’t a jock. Yet, sports was something that was valued in my family. I tried playing football; I really didn’t like it and wasn’t very good at it. But I learned that doing what my father wanted was more important than doing what I wanted. I couldn’t speak my truth to him. So I shut down what I wanted and did what I thought others wanted of me.Ed_kidpicAlthough I question my father’s acts I never question his intentions. He did what he thought was in my best interest. Unfortunately, he looked at things only from his perspective. For many boys, playing sports is a way to build self esteem and learn teamwork. For me, it just reinforced that my body wasn’t worth much because I couldn’t do things like the other boys did. The other boys received ribbons and trophies. I learned how to not like the body I was given. I always wanted to be the thin boy, be the boy that could run fast, be the boy that was a good athlete. I wasn’t any of these. As a boy I learned how to separate myself from my body.

This time is also when I first recall having strong feelings of being attracted to other boys. I really didn’t know what these feelings meant, but the other boys sure figured out things fast. So, here I was this queer boy among all the macho jocks (OK, as macho as a 12 year old can be). I was the recipient of their teasing and occasional beatings.

I retreated into myself. I did well in school. I realized that in my heart I was very sensitive. I also became a very ‘good boy’. I did everything that anyone else expected of me. This trait – pleasing everyone else except me – continued on for many, many years.

Breaking Away


Toward the end of my time in school I knew I needed to break away. After graduation, I decided to move to San Francisco.

So here I was, a fresh faced, newly minted 21 year old Midwestern gay boy just arriving in San Francisco. Four days since I began a drive across much of the continent. Four days since I left my parents’ home and I saw my dad cry for the first time – ever.

I was excited to be about as far away as I could be from everything I knew. I was looking for new adventure. I was just beginning to live my life and find out who I was. I really didn’t know much about sex then – let alone gay sex, but I knew that I was horny. I had come out to myself just a year or so earlier and was ready to explore my sexuality. I felt like I was just spouting my wings and was about to take off! Did I mention I was excited?

The year was 1982.

I didn’t know it, but I had just arrived at the Ground Zero of that era.

People were dying all around me. I didn’t know any of them. I remember walking down Castro Street in San Francisco and seeing men walking with canes. To me, these men walking with canes were old. They must have been in their 30’s.

Some of my generation were activists, some were healers, some were victims. Me, I was just plain scared! I did what I was comfortable doing. Letting someone else – anyone else – make decisions for me. I immersed myself in a new career and turned my personal autopilot on. I kept my head buried in the sand. I was the good boy doing what my family expected of me.

And sex? Well let’s just say that all that excitement and adventure just vanished. I retreated. Remember that slogan silence = death? My personal version was sex = death. I lived like this for many years. I forgot where the off switch was for that autopilot. I became addicted to a steady (ok, boring) routine – a corporate minion – just going through the motions. I progressed up the corporate food chain. My definition of success could easily be measured. It was called money. I did what everyone expected of me. I had all the outward signs of success. And I was miserable inside.

An Epiphany

Finally something in me snapped. I had just completed a harrowing corporate ritual of essentially justifying my job. My body was a wreck. I constantly felt miserable inside. I was going through these motions to show what a wonderful corporate soldier I was. But I wasn’t even asking the most important question – why was I doing this?

I couldn’t answer that simple question. I then decided that I had to find that autopilot switch and turn it off. I realized that my left brain (where logic originates) was overused, while my right brain (where emotions and heart feelings originate) was underused. I began a conscious effort to develop my right brain. So, in 2004 I jumped off a cliff and left the corporate world. I knew I wanted to make a conscious change in my life. I really wasn’t sure where or how I would land.



I was looking for a way to make a difference and have always had an interest in massage and bodywork. After years of telling myself that I could not do it, I finally realized that it was time to live my dream – not someone else’s. So I left my technology career behind and began immersing myself in massage training. From the first moment of my first class I knew bodywork was part of my calling. I love helping clients relax, rejuvenate and heal themselves.

I believe that all men, regardless of age or body type, are sexy and fabulous. I’ve struggled with my body image over the years and have come to embrace my role as a confident older man allowing myself to be fully seen and appreciated and claiming my sexuality. As a part of this journey, I have appeared in print and video. I hope my openness with who I am helps others on their journey of self-discovery.

Conscious Eros is the foundation of what I offer. I have an Advanced Massage Practitioner License and I’m a LMT in Arizona. I completed training to be a CMT and received additional specialty training in pelvic release massage at the Body Electric School in Oakland, CA. I have also completed an additional 900 hours of bodywork training at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.

Since 2004, I offered massage in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Las Vegas; now I am in Palm Springs. As I saw many men in my massage practice, I noticed that many men were having amazing experiences through this work. I wanted to further explore body based erotic healing. I completed additional training to be a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, certified by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexology in San Francisco and approved by the State of California. Sexological Bodyworkers are somatic (body based) educators who help others with concerns in their erotic lives.

I’m also a Sacred Intimate (trained through the Body Electric School). A Sacred Intimate means many things to different people. I believe that this work is similar to other body based counseling. Sacred Intimates are specialists in embodiment, not analysis or processing. Sacred Intimacy is about how to change, not why you are wounded. Sacred Intimacy sessions can help you find wounds in your life and offer body based experiences to help heal those wounds.

Dreams continue to evolve. I have completed the Co-Active Coaching Program at The Coaches Training Institute. This program is powerful training in how to be a professional life coach. I’m now weaving these three complimentary backgrounds as a pleasure coach. I use this powerful combination of skills to help men feel truly at home in our body and explore our full potential.

Yea, this really is outside the box!

I invite you to make an appointment to experience my work for yourself!