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After a time of considerable personal reflection I’ve realized that it’s time for another chapter to close in my life and for a new chapter to open. I will be moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas. On a practical level, I will be splitting my time over the next few months between San Francisco […]

July Newsletter

We are afraid of sex. Everywhere I turn I see a culture that is afraid of bodily pleasure. We can’t talk about sex. We can’t ensure that children have a healthy perspective toward sex. We can’t communicate desires. We mostly ignore sex and hope that it all just goes away. The only exception is when […]

May Newsletter

I recently returned from Easton Mountain where I led several workshops on anal eroticism. At the opening circle we were doing some simple introductory exercises to help everyone get to know each other a bit better. One of the exercises required everyone to find a partner for a simple 2 or 3 minute process. Many […]

Archetypes and Fairy Tales

A common topic that comes up is around learning how to accept ourselves just as we are. We are our own worst critic and we know exactly how to cut ourselves down. Further, many of spend a lot of time and energy trying to be someone else. I’d like to offer an alternative. Learn how […]


I’ll be turning 50 in a few weeks. As I approach this birthday I’ve found myself in a good and reflective place lately. To me, 50 feels much more like a milestone than previous decade birthdays. I’m aware that, statistically speaking, more of my life is now behind me than is ahead of me. I’m […]

I’m Not My Type

I’m Not My Type So many of us go through life feeling that we’re undesirable. We look at ourselves in the mirror and conclude that no one could possibly find us attractive. I see this all the time when coaching men. While there are many factors that can contribute to this feeling, I believe that, […]

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