Domination & Submission

When you give up control you will find freedom.

floggingSurrendering is a way of opening up and removing all the accumulated armor that has been built up over the years. When the armor is down, raw unedited feelings can come to the surface to provide insight and clarity.

Other times surrendering wakes up the body by overloading you with energy and sensation resulting in a body vibrating with life and energy.

Domination and submission represent the psychological exchange of power. One person lets go and willingly gives power and control to the other.

This surrender of power requires much trust in the dominant person to not only ensure your safety, but also to assist you on a journey of self-discovery.

When someone comes to me requesting that I take control and dominate him, it is a request that honor. I take the responsibility of control very seriously and accept that control with strength, grace and heart.

Surrender can take many forms.

When we are deprived of basic movement, often the spirit can be free and soar. Surrendering yourself to my rope, restraints, straps and chains allows you to simply be present and let go of defenses. I use my imagination to help you surrender.

Bondage can be used as a preparation for other activities or also be a stand alone activity. Once your immobilized and your defenses seem to fall away, I can take you on a journey of sensory delights. You will have no idea what to expect next as I safely help you lose control knowing that the ropes and bindings are there to hold you and nurture you.

Your body is a conduit for energy. This energy easily travels from the tips of your fingers all over your body. Impact play such as flogging, spanking or whipping overloads the energetic flow and enhances the experience of this energy flow. The impact of the flogger on your back or my hand on your ass infuses you body with my energy through the impact. The implement is simply an extension of the ways in which I can touch your energy.

Sensations can take many different forms with varying degrees of intensity. I enjoy giving extended spankings, floggings and whippings. The hand of a strong Daddy across your ass alternating with the caring caress can take you on an amazing journey. The soft supple strike of my soft deerskin flogger is often the starting point; from here I have many other floggers that I can use for specific and intentional sensations. Perhaps you’re longing for the snap from the end of my whip. Many men have found that whipping is much gentler than they envisioned and is an amazing way to overload the body with sensation.

As much care as I use to begin and peak a scene, I also exercise great care to help you down the arc of a scene. Timing the arc of a scene is very important because you may find that many emotions come up and it’s my honor to witness and create space for you. Gentle loving care after the scene is also important; Being held, caressed and honored can be a powerful way to complete your journey.

Desires for domination can also bring up feeling of confusion and shame. Many of us are conditioned to believe that this type of play is somehow bad. It can be helpful to share your desires with someone who understands and can put domination play in perspective.

I’ve also worked with many guys who are curious about this type of play, but don’t know where to begin. Curiosity is a great place from which to begin your exploration of domination play in a safe and caring environment without any pressures to perform or endure a scene.

Session pricing for domination sessions is different than for other types of sessions.