Massage can be a great way to not only relax your body but also invigorate and charge your body. I often combine several different styles of massage to create a custom crafted experience for you.

Relaxing Massage Relaxing massage. Since I am both a CMT and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I am knowledgeable and comfortable and confident when massaging parts of the body close to the more intimate areas of the body. Many masseurs will avoid these areas; however, including these areas can release a tremendous amount of tension in the pelvis, legs, back and butt. At the same time, I’m also aware of the importance of respecting your boundaries. You may have concerns about getting aroused. Rest assured that arousal is common and I understand that arousal is an indication that you’re relaxed. I am neither offended by arousal nor do I consider it an invitation. I encourage you to breathe, relax and enjoy the massage.

Erotic Massage Erotic Massage. Let me guide you through an exquisite experience combining relaxation, healing and pleasure. Within the safe space of my studio, explore your erotic potential by focused breath, sound, movement, and more to release true bodily pleasure. Experience how to awaken your body to new possibilities. Erotic massage can take many different forms. I weave therapeutic and erotic elements together throughout the session to awaken your body to its full potential. This session honors your entire body. It can reduce the stress out of all parts of your body while also acknowledging and honoring your erotic energy.

Anal Massage Anal touch can be a source of great pleasure and profound relaxation. The anus is full of many nerve endings that respond well to touch. Penetration isn’t required, yet you can experience a profound sense of relaxation and letting go after tender anal touch. In addition, there are certain muscles that can only be accessed through anal touch. The prostate is also a source of great pleasure. Many guys don’t know where the prostate is located and how to get to it. Anal touch has nothing to do with orientation; many guys, gay, straight, and everything in between, enjoy anal touch.

I invite you to make an appointment to experience my massage for yourself!