A Weekend of Exploring Pleasure

Imagine spending an entire weekend dedicated to exploring solo bodily pleasure! Join Garland Jarmon and I as we guide you though ways to let go of old habits and introduce new pathways of pleasure. Enjoy a private setting in the high desert of Southern California where we’ll get more in-touch with our bodies through breath, movement, sound, […]

I’m Speaking

I’m so excited! I’m going to be speaking at the 2016 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Alexandria, VA this August. This year the Summit is developing a track on men’s sexual health issues and I’m excited to be part of that. I’ll be speaking on my work as an erotic coach for men. Men can […]


I hear from guys concerned about the risks of sexually transmitted infections (sti’s.) Yes, sti’s are real and the risk can very from a minor nuisance to a chronic condition that affects you for the rest of your life. There’s so much wrapped up in any discussion of sti’s since the way we discuss these […]

Am I Good Enough?

One of the most common concerns men have is a variation on “Am I good enough.” This gets reinforced for many of us when younger by our often mistaken notions of what is masculinity. We’re constantly trying to measure up to some, often undefined, ideal. When I was a young boy I clearly got the […]

Slowing Down

Men are often like puppies. OK, not in all ways, but many of us are like puppies in one important way. We get super excited about the prospect of sex. We want to dive right in head first – sometimes without checking the water. We learn to get excited starting when we’re young. Think about […]

The Great Porn Experiment

I’ve been seeing more and more younger men complaining of erection difficulties. This is one of the biggest areas I work with in older men, but it’s unusual in younger (< 35) men. As I speak with these younger guys a pattern has definitely emerged. Every single one of these younger guys is an avid […]


After a time of considerable personal reflection I’ve realized that it’s time for another chapter to close in my life and for a new chapter to open. I will be moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas. On a practical level, I will be splitting my time over the next few months between San Francisco […]

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