My Ethics

ed_ethicsI appreciate the opportunity of working together toward your health, growth and education. Trust and mutual respect are essential parts of the work we do together. I recognize that this work can make you feel quite vulnerable. I also recognize the potential of this work. So I believe it’s important for you to know my ethics that guide me in what I offer.

I believe any growth process is the result of the combined wisdom of your body and spirit and mine. I invite you to openly discuss any issues, matters or concerns that may arise during our working together. If you have any questions regarding your session please let me know – I am happy to explain any aspect of your session.

What You Can Expect From Me

My promise to you is to be prepared and ready to give you my complete attention during our time together. Our session times are clearly defined and I work to ensure we are complete when our time is finished.

Confidentiality is always respected. I don’t disclose your information to anyone nor would I ever discuss what we did during our sessions without your written permission. I won’t even disclose the fact that you are a client. If we should meet on the street, I wouldn’t even acknowledge that I know you unless you greet me first. Your privacy is that important to me. Please respect this confidentiality by not asking me about other clients.

I may discuss specific things that come up during our time together with others doing similar work (other Sexological Bodyworkers, Sacred Intimates or coaches) if I would like help from my peers. These discussions are always in general terms to not disclose any personal or other identifying information about you.

I believe that you are creative, resourceful and whole. You don’t need to be fixed. I don’t diagnose any illnesses or conditions and I’m not a psychotherapist. The focus of my work is to help you find what you want in your life. As a trained sexologist and coach, my commitment is to be your advocate and to support the services offered by other professionals. With your approval, I am available to work in close partnership with your psychotherapist.

I may make requests of you and you are always free to say yes, no, or make a counteroffer to any of my requests. Anything we do is with your express consent. You may ask for whatever you want. Be bold! Be outrageous! I will not judge you or your request. I may say yes, no, or counteroffer any request you make of me.

You may find that powerful emotions come up during our time together. This is a common response to coaching. I will honor your emotions and feelings by not interfering unless you ask me to. For example, if you need to cry I will give you the space to cry without interruptions. If you would like something from me, please ask for whatever you need.

I will follow hygienic practices. All supplies are fresh, clean and disinfected. All lotions and oils come from pump or squeeze bottles to prevent any cross contamination. I use gloves and an individual supply of lube for all anal demonstrations and touch – external as well as internal.

The foundation of this work is to help you focus on your own eroticism during a session. The focus of our time together is your experience and your learning. I do not take your erotic energy and I am not an interactive partner. All sessions are focused on you; my personal erotic needs are met elsewhere. I am not an escort; I do not offer sex for money or other consideration. If you are looking for an interactive sexual experience there are many fine escorts in Vegas that you can contact. I am not available to date clients and I will not become romantically involved with clients.

What I Expect From You

The most important thing I need from you is to be authentic. Speak from your heart. Tell me what’s on your mind. Tell me what’s in your heart. Don’t worry about editing what you’re going to say. I’m your advocate – there’s no need to worry about what I think.

To ensure that I can give all clients the same level of attention, please arrive no more than 5 minutes early because I cannot interrupt a session to answer the door. Please understand that our time together does have a defined end. If you are not able to arrive on time for the beginning of your session, I will need to respect the ending time because I need to be able to give all clients the same level of attention.

Session fees are solely based on the amount of time for your session; except for domination & discipline sessions, I don’t charge different fees for different types of work. These fees are subject to change. Payment is expected at the end of each session. Payment may be made by cash or credit card. I am pleased to accept checks from established clients. There is a $25 charge for returned checks. Our work may be covered by your insurance. If needed, I can provide a receipt for your reimbursement; however, I do not accept insurance in lieu of payment. It is your responsibility to collect from your insurance company.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment please contact me 24 hours in advance. You will be billed for any missed appointment if I’m not contacted in advance.

How to Prepare for Your Session

The best way to prepare for your session is to create a clear intention for healing or growth from your session. Creating an intention focuses your energy toward your healing and helps you to have a more powerful experience. Intentions are best stated in simple, direct sentences. For example, “I intend to heal my image of my body” or “I want to reclaim my pleasure”. Focus on what you want to accomplish rather than how the session should progress. Leave the how to me.

Prior to your session check in with your body. Ask yourself how are you are feeling. Try to avoid answering with the word fine. Scan your body from head to toe and notice what you feel. Take a full minute to do nothing but breathe. Breathe from your belly – not your chest. Breathe slowly and with purpose. Try taking 3 seconds for each inhale then exhale for 3 seconds. Don’t force your exhale – relax and let it go without any effort.

I invite you to make an appointment to experience this work for yourself!

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