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  1. Ed, love your body, but especially your hairy butt and ass. Seeing your pics always gets me hard. Would be such an honor to be massaged by you one day, lying naked on your table and feeling your touch everywhere on my body, and being priveleged to touch you as well.

  2. Ed, i find you work amazing but sadly im in TX do you ever travel to diferent states?

    • I occasionally travel, but I haven’t been to TX lately. I do work over the phone or webcam; depending upon what you’re looking for that may help.

  3. Hi Ed,

    Just want to say I feel encourage about my self image after reading your website.

    So big thank you 🙂 very useful info on fisting too!

    You are a very hot and sexy man, I am glad you have came out of your self image issue 🙂

    All the best


  4. Marc Thornton June 19, 2014 at 12:17 am Reply

    Hello Hott Stud,

    Fuck Buddy, you’ve got my cock so fucking throbbing hard while looking at your photos and going crazy with lust 4 your body! Just been doing some research from your site checking out about the pleasures of fisting and wanting to know why men love anal fisting so well and what feeling and/or sensations or pleasure is felt through this type of anal mansex! Really wanting to have soneone try it on me as well as double penetration! I have only inserted my fist in and out a time or two during sex but really didn’t understand of know where to go after I entered! If you have any information or can help me out I am definitely interested if you have any time! You can email me anytime you like! I do know one thing I sure would love to go down on that sexy hot ManCock dude & get a taste of your sweet man juice!!!! Hope 2 hear from you sometime guy! Have a good one!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Marc T.

    • For me fisting is the ultimate in relaxing. In order to take a hand, I have to let everything in my body go. When I let go of the tension, my butt relaxes and the hand just easily slips in. Once someone is inside, most of the time I like it slow and easy. I tell guys new at topping that every movement they make is magnified about 10 times so very subtle movements are great! It feels like a massage from the inside. Yea, sometimes I like it pounding and a bit rough, but that all depends on my mood and the person I’m with.

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