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Faerie Wisdom

I just returned from 10 days with the Radical Faeries celebrating Beltane. This was my first Beltane celebration and my first extended experience with the Faeries. The entire experience unfolded rather quickly. I wasn’t planning on going until, almost at the last minute, the opportunity presented itself and I was on my way. I’m still going through […]

Advice From A Masturbation Coach

I wrote this for men’s site that focuses, among other things, on our sexuality. I thought I’d share it here too… Yes, I coach men on how to make masturbation a more satisfying experience. Wait a sec, isn’t this something that most men are pretty accomplished at? Actually I believe that many of us need […]

Race to the Bottom

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more insane. I usually don’t get too political here, but I can’t can’t stay silent any longer about the craziness coming from the Republicans. Over the last several weeks we’ve seen these wonderful ideas coming from the GOP regarding our sexual freedoms: The “Blunt amendment” was a […]

My First Intuitive Reading

While at Easton Mountain recently, I had the opportunity to receive an intuitive reading. Several of the men there suggested that I speak with one of the other men in attendance who is gifted with intuition. To be honest, my first reaction was not entirely positive – OK, I thought is would be a joke. […]

Listening To Your Body

I see a common theme in many men that shows up as a gap between what our head wants and what our body wants. Usually this comes up around sexual activity – our head wants to be strongly sexual yet our body isn’t quite there. More often than not, we drag our body along and […]

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