Masturbation as Ritual

I look at masturbation not as something to do; rather, I look at it as a practice. It’s a way to temporarily shut off the world and focus entirely on me and my connection with myself. There’s nothing else I can do to feel as alive, joyful, and grounded as when I am masturbating. I […]

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Masturbation Retreat Coming May 2017


Imagine spending a weekend in a beautiful secluded retreat setting in Northern California – enjoying the fresh air, the tall trees, the inviting pond, the sun, and the stars. Now imagine that you are part of a community of erotic explorers committed to helping each other find fulfillment in their own solo pleasure practice. Top […]

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Why The Male Orgasm Is Not As Simple As Everyone Tries To Tell You

Male sexuality is so often over-simplified. Most think that male sexuality is about cumming – and that’ s pretty much about it. However, this traditional view is so simplified and limiting. I strongly recommend this short article – the author gets what’s possible! A question I often get asked is how to expand sexual sensations. […]

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My boy recently moved to a new city and is going through all the expected challenges in adapting to a new location. In addition, we’ve been separated more than usual over the last few weeks and, while the distance has brought us closer, it’s also added some challenges. Like a good Daddy, I want to […]

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What’s Your Pleasure Ceiling?


Pamela Madsen recently wrote a short post about a client’s pleasure ceiling. I’ve experienced this pleasure ceiling too. I’ve encountered my pleasure ceiling usually around pretty intense body experiences and I consciously realize that I can’t process any more pleasure. There is simply too much going on at the same time and I hit my max. […]

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seeded mirror

It’s been a particularly challenging week and I realized that I needed an evening to be in my body and let go of my mental noise. I made a date with myself for the evening. I’ve found that I need to schedule time for myself lately; yes, it’s a strange feeling for me to schedule […]

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Genital Shame

Junk. What did that term become popular? I’m sorry but neither my penis, my balls nor even my asshole is junk. Culturally we seem to have three primary ways of referring to our genitals: clinical, vulgar or cute. I really don’t like any of these but I’ve settled on clinical. Cute terms are just too […]

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Solo Magic

This past Friday was intense. I was with Scratch at a dance party that went into the wee hours of the morning. I’m not usually the type that stays up late, but this was a special occasion. I spent some of the evening with my shadow – that part we all have that that is instinctual and […]

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