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msl-awakenAwaken Your Body

Could your solo sexual practice use some juice? Do you find yourself going through the motions, but not really being satisfied?

Life is busy and full of interruptions. While we may be more connected than ever electronically, many are craving the need to better connect with ourselves. Sometimes we can feel so wrapped up in the visual stimulation – often what we’re seeing on the computer – that we’re not really savoring the sensations.

In this short workshop, we’ll practice how to slow things down and re-connect with your erotic self. We’ll practice being alive and simply experiencing each erotic moment. We’ll let go of expectations and outcomes and learn how to savor and be ecstatic in the moment.

When we were younger we learned how to pleasure ourselves as a child. Now we can learn how to pleasure ourselves as adults.

Erotic Self-Pleasure Ritual

You are invited to join a circle of men the third Monday of each month for two hours of erotic practice specifically focused on exploring the sacred and the profane around self love.

Generating and playing with erotic energy in a group is definitely different than doing it alone. For most guys, a supportive of erotic explorers can add to the experience, even if you’re a bit shy. Many men find that a group encourages each other to let go of preconceived notions and connect on a profound energetic level.

Most of us know ways to generate erotic energy. In this event you’ll find opportunities to take what you already know see new possibilities of to generate erotic energy. You’ll see how to regulate it, circulate it, focus it and transmit it.

Using a combination of group and individual activities, we will explore tantric self pleasure. We’ll begin by warming ourselves up to the energy of the space and our own eros by safely connecting with each other.

We’ll proceed into a self pleasure ritual to explore the connection between spirit and eros.

msl-aftermathWhat to Expect

The doors will open at 6:30 and we will begin at 7:00. After some introductions, socialization and sharing we will proceed to create intentional sacred space by focusing our collective energies on breath, meditation and prayer. We will consciously remove our clothes and prepare our mind, body and spirit for self-pleasure.

After creating this sacred space we’ll each be free to explore our solo erotic energies as each of us feel called. There are no expectations and few rules. Each man is free to explore his own energies as he feels. This may look like quiet contemplation and witnessing. It may look calm, soft and meditative. It may also look primal, hard, noisy and sweaty. There is no correct path – all are honored.

This is not a sex party – it is an intentional solo experience. While watching and consensual touching is appropriate, coupling off or grouping up isn’t appropriate. This is a space to enjoy your body and witness and experience other men doing the same. There’s no need to shop around looking for someone to partner up with. We can learn that we are the source of our own erotic energy and experience generating that energy with within. When we realize that we generate our own erotic energy, we can transform our relationships and connections and learn to dance with others while playing with this energy. By sharing this space with each other while doing an activity so profound, I intend to foster a culture of celebration, non-competition, trust, compassion, connection, and exploration.

Feel free to bring any toys that will add to your pleasure. Please do not bring alcohol, drugs or poppers.

ed-mslThe ritual is a practice of using extended masturbation to bring joy, peace and pleasure into our body – sometimes referred to as Tantric Masturbation. If traditional masturbation is about the goal of ejaculation then Tantric masturbation is about maximizing your enjoyment of the journey. Traditional masturbation is primarily cock focused; tantric masturbation involves your entire body.

This is a practice – an opportunity to try something new. We’ll have the time to explore how much pleasure you can generate in your body! We’ll be starting consciously and involving the entire body. When we build arousal and pleasure slowly, many men find that we become capable of greatly expanding the pleasure we can experience! Many men have found that masturbation takes on a whole new dimension when we learn to unite the primal and the spiritual.

Some of us may choose to play with noise. When we allow raw, primal noise to present itself the experience becomes more like a celebration. Sound is a key part of sexual ecstasy. Because most of us are conditioned to be quiet during sex, few realize the potential power of sound to stimulate and regulate excitement. Using the sounds that naturally emanate from your body when we’re feeling pleasure is a great way to circulate energy and spread the pleasure all over.

For the men that choose to cum, our seed is directed into a center altar. Our semen will be honored and cherished. You are welcome to bring objects that you wish to add to the altar to have them baptized with our collective seed. I have found that conscious ejaculation onto objects has been very powerful and transformative for both me and the object.

Once we have reached our collective climax, there will be an opportunity to silently enjoy our energies. Staying with the energy rather than moving the mind and body to another activity can add to the power of the ritual. Once we have had time to collect ourselves, there will be an opportunity to share with the group.

37 Responses to “Mindful Self-Loving”

  1. interested in getting info on sacred touch events

  2. Interested in the Sept. 19 session, but not sure of start time — 6:00 or 6:30 PM? Bring 2 towels — anything else

  3. Are there any plans to bring Mindful Self Loving to Vancouver? I don’t get to The Bay Area very often,but this is a program that I sure could use.

    Do you know of anyone else that offers such a program in the Vancouver area?

    • I’d love to but I’m not planning to be in Vancouver anytime soon. I will try to do the workshop there the next time I’m visiting.

      • Dave Williams January 5, 2012 at 6:01 pm Reply

        Thank you for responding. Please give us Vancouver people lots of notice if possible because I think you will have a great response

  4. I’m interested in trying this out.

  5. I am hoping to be in San Francisco sometime between June-September, and I am definitely taking your Mindful Self-Loving class/session. There is more out there with self pleasure, and I want to understand my erotic beast better.
    Is there a limit to the group?
    What if I am unable to control my climax and I cum to soon; would I just sit by myself and watch?

    • There’s no limit to the size of the group as long as we all fit comfortably in the room. The process goes pretty slow to help men slow down and experience more pleasure without the urge to cum. Sometime men do cum before the end but usually they are so absorbed with the energy of the room.

  6. Brandon Meeker July 5, 2012 at 5:33 pm Reply

    I am a student and so funds are in short supply now. Are there things I can do, like volunteer to cover my fee?

    • Sure, I don’t want people to be unable to attend because of lack of funds. I’m happy to chat about ways we can make it work for you.

  7. is the event 8/16 (third thursday) or 8/20 (third monday)? i’m going to be in town and hoped to attend, but won’t be on the 16th. thanks.

  8. the site references third monday but the date given for August is the 16th and that is a Thursday. Is it August 16th?


    • The next workshop is on Monday August 20. The other date was an error. I’ve since corrected the date. Thanks for letting me know of the error.

  9. any similar groups in the denver, colorado area that you know of?

    sounds very interesting.


  10. Hello Ed – I am making plans to come San Francisco for Folsom, and I was really hoping to attend one of your sessions. I thought the Mindful Self Pleasure Ritual events were on every Monday, but it appears that I will miss the session for this month. 🙁 Are you aware of any other similar events that I can experience the weekend of 9/22-9/25; mainly self pleasure events, not sex parties or bathhouse fun?


  11. OK. Feel pretty silly. I didn’t scroll down far enough to find this form, and instead sent you a message on your blogsite. Sorry about that 🙂

    I’d like to join the 17 September session in San Francisco, but had a question about seating. You mentioned chairs are provided but that I should bring something comfortable to sit on that’s close to the ground. Would a Yoga mat do? I just want to be sure I have everything I need to create the best possible experience for myself. Thanks! -Bryan

    • The room has chairs and a large open space on the floor. I do suggest something between you and the floor – a yoga mat will definitely work.

  12. Hi ED!!! I loved the gathering last night…so spectacular! If I can be of any service to you with future mindful self-pleasure gatherings, please let me know!

  13. I live in Washington DC and wondered if you were aware of similar workshops in my area? I’d love to participate in one but rarely get out to the west coast.

  14. looks like i’ll be able to attend in february! there is nothing better than spiritual masturbation.

  15. Hi, I heading international to CA in a couple of months for business. I’m planning on doing a day trip to SF and would love to sit in on one of these sessions. As ill be travelling very lite and using public transport the whole time, I can’t see myself carrying 2 towels and something to sit on… is there any way for you to accommodate this situation? Thanks

    • Hi, yes I have extra towels with me for those who can’t bring one. The space also has some chairs. Hope to see you there!

  16. looking forward to the 18th. any advice on how to prepare? i’d like my experience to be as deep as possible. thanks

  17. I’d love to attend one of these events, but I’m outside the city and it’s really hard to make it in by 7pm even – is there any chance of a weekend version happening sometime?

    • No planning any weekend events right now. I have done a weekend self pleasuring intensive in the past though. I’ll post information here when I do that one again.

  18. Ed, I want to thank you again for hosting and giving us a venue to experience this energy. The energy from last night’s session stayed with me through this morning, when I was able to give myself an extended amount of solo love before heading to the office. Just wanted you to know how much you’re appreciated. Looking forward to the next session in March.


  19. I have read this entire site and I know that I need what you provide! I hve always been intrested in exploring my sexuality but never knew how. I weigh 310lbs, and its hard to get anyone intrested in exploring sexual energy with being this size so I rely on masterbation a lot. I want to explore areas in masterbation that Iv not explored before so Im looking forward to coming o yor classes! I live in Vacaville but a little driv wont stop me from coming,I love to play in the city anyway. Id lov to know when your next clas will be and Im looking forward to meeting you and and exploring! 🙂

  20. I would love to attend next time I’m in SF, but I’m organically important due to having meningitis as a child and must give myself an injection to get hard. My erections can last 30-45 min. Is there an private area that I can move to to take my injection, or would it be possible to inject in full view? I don’t mind educating others about my condition and about ED in general.

    • Hi Daniel, I’m taking a break from the workshop for a few months. I hope to be back again with in later this year. I would welcome injecting in full view if you’re comfortable with that. I think that educating others on this option would be useful.

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